Graphics Gallery

I love the striking visual aspect of graphic scores. These four images express four different ways I've used graphic elements in my scores.

Graphic Element from For RP2. Fingers flying across the keyboard and a hand with a cloth muting the piano strings.

In For RP2, graphic elements were predominantly used as a reminder of text instructions.

Page 8 from Nighturts

In Nighturts, the black and red lines were used as a way to show straight, abrupt, and parabolic increases and decreases in tempo and volume. Visuals were also simplified by using a cut-away score.

Graphic element from Gestural Pitches.

Gestural Pitches uses its graphic elements as a way of showing pitch information relative to previous pitches.

A draft of ACCORDION FOR THE PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE. that utilizes spatial notation.

I love the temporal ambiguity, yet visual exactness, of spatial notation, which is why I used it in a draft of ACCORDION FOR THE PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE. However, ultimately I decided to use more standard notation combined with the instructions “very free rhythm” and “approximately in time.”